The Area

The Da Carignano family used to be one of the most renowned families of Fano in the Middle Age. They represented the countryside aristocracy and had their mansion in today’s Carignano, a village on the hills just inland of Fano, still dominated by the ancient ruins of the fortress which was the symbol of the power of the family over the surroundings. The label of our wine brand was inspired  by the breach in the ancient tower and represents a symbolic connection with the local culture and our rural origins.

Bianchello del Metauro and Sangiovese dei colli Pesaresi spread their roots in the Metauro valley, between the river bank and the surrounding hill slopes. These hills, exposed to South-West and South-East, gently decline towards the seashore and provide the most suitable soil for the cultivation of our grapes.
The mild climate, the nearby sea, the good sun exposure and the tufaceous soil, give our wines their unique taste and flavour.